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Since 1980, the dedicated team at 5G Associates has been a trusted ally in estate planning and risk management. In an ever-changing world, our expertise provides a steadfast anchor, ensuring your future remains secure and protected. Unlike traditional retirement organizations fixated solely on financial growth, our approach is holistic and unparalleled in its depth.

At 5G Associates, we recognize four key threats to your estate:

Market Volatility
Legal Liabilities
Prolonged Illness
Premature Death
While we hope for the best, our comprehensive strategies empower you to weather any storm, granting you the peace of mind to savor your retirement years regardless of life's uncertainties. With our team by your side, your retirement isn't just a destination—it's a sanctuary of stability and tranquility.
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Christopher Zockoll

With over four decades of experience since entering the business in 1980, Christopher Zockoll has been instrumental in guiding over 5,000 families towards a secure retirement future. As a devoted father of six children and sixteen grandchildren, Christopher deeply understands the significance of meticulous estate planning and long-term goal setting.

Let Christopher alleviate the uncertainties surrounding your retirement journey by expertly navigating investment strategies designed to endure not only your lifetime but to provide for generations to come. With Christopher's guidance, rest assured that your financial future will be meticulously tailored to withstand the test of time, ensuring lasting stability and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Trust in Christopher's expertise to safeguard your retirement dreams and legacy with precision and care.

Andrew Zockoll

With a degree from UNLV in 2014, Andrew embarked on a journey to revolutionize estate planning. Over the past decade, He has dedicated himself to assisting businesses and families in navigating the complexities of estate management. Andrew’s expertise lies in seamlessly integrating modern financial and protection products into traditional planning strategies, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your assets.

Let him guide you towards a future-proofed estate plan, leveraging the latest innovations in the market to safeguard your legacy. Together, we'll ensure your assets are secure and your loved ones are provided for, no matter what the future holds.

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NV Lic.3526107, UT Lic. 765915
AZ Lic. 3002718071